And.. they're up

(Film) Festival season

Less fanfare than previous years perhaps but what was saved on champagne appears to have been spent on train fares for the talent. Inebriation's loss was insight's gain. An embarrassment (gaggle? pride? school?) of directors/producers/actors in attendance. Here we are again in our makeshift studio recording their likenesses for posterity.

Coming up

Booklet from this year's Wilts graduation (with last year's images).

University of Winchester PostGrad Prospectus is out.

More work on the kids with screens project


Also this one

Intelligent Machinery Symposium. Revisiting the venue of the 2016 UAL MA show - Ugly Duck, Tanner St.

There's a pattern forming.

Yeah what Does it want?!

Daniel Rubenstein talking with Heather Dewey-Hagborg at Saturday's symposium at The Photographer's Gallery. Photographic datasets, machine vision, artificial intelligence, computer science, that kind of thing.

Meanwhile in The Provinces

What can best be described as voluntary work. For a good cause though (i.e The Burge).


So good. This is feedback from the comments book hanging next to CowPhotoFinish work which occupies a 25m long corridor on the way to the trauma unit in the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. Every comment is a treat.


Child Shaped Data

A page from the sketchbook as a new project takes shape. Thinking about data, representation & strategies for image-making therein.

Working on this throughout August with a view to having something presentable by the autumn. 

With a view to having something on a gallery wall at some point.

A Few snaps from the dog workshop at The Old Fire Station

Photo credit : Cat Prior-Holt.

Dog show going up

Thanks to Ryan & Amy for the hang.

UoW Post grads done, yes?

Erm, they're here.

The Domesticated Ungulates are coming.


Pages from the proof

Photo London, earlier

Mishka Henner, David Maisel, Jeffrey Milstein and William Ewing, earlier.